What is Radiance!?

We are two psychonaut’s named Mazix & O.  We have been working with earth technologies ( most often called, “plant medicine”).  


ANNOUNCEMENT – 3/8/22 – 10:55AM MST

We had massive alchemical breakthroughs between 3/1/ – 3/7/22.

It feels important that we move on this quickly as the tension in the world (collective) is heating up!

We would like to acknowledge in gratitude the patience and participation of Blair Bliss (Bui), Sephora PumaCobra & Rabbi Ben.


If this training and formula can spread throughout the planet we can see one of the biggest and most gentle awakending ever in history!   



Video here


We have discovered the formula to end human suffering and bring about world peace in a gentle and cooperative way.  


This formula hallows individuals to clear density with the right support and honest tea.  


We are so excited to share it with the world!  Woot!



We'd love to connect with you!

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Core Values


OUR three magic tea's of COMMUNION


Honesty (Honest Tea) is the greatest medicine & technology you will ever serve yourself & others.  It’s what you feel & experience underneath all of the chatter of the mind and the energetic roots of your experience.

It’s revealing our emotions including how scared, powerless, helpless, excited, freaked out, confused, horny, turned on, turned off, numb, stressed, anxious, depressed, tired… etc. It’s sharing how sometimes we struggle to make any significant change to our lives, our mindsets, habits, behaviors, impulses, feeling stuck in a rut, spinning our wheels, living event to event and we can often feel subject to a constant intake of negativity through the physical realities we live in.


Curiosity is one of the most powerful tools we experience in creation.  It’s a divine spark of creation & exploration and without it we wouldn’t progress or evolve at all in life.


As kids we might have been warned against it with a phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat…” as a means of keeping our infinitely curious minds from testing boundaries or harming ourselves.


There are two things we experience internally, our emotions & thoughts.  There are two things we express externally from those experiences, our words & actions.  


Emotions, Thoughts, Words & Actions make up the backbone of our integrity and when those four are out of alignment due to fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of losing love or any other fear we experience distortions and suffer in our relationships.


As these align through the effortlessness of being and clearing the obstacles to love (fear) a rising joy, ecstasy & bliss becomes known in ways beyond the mind’s ability to articulate with words.  It’s best describes through song, dance, poetry and making love to all of creation.

Oz Luv


Oz, the Linguistic Mystic has decided to create magic in the world by bringing people together for powerful shared experiences.

Something magical & awesome coming from Beautiful Possibilities & Radiance! This is a little preview and it’s an invitation to personal / radical transformation & a life of love & joy! More to come soon. DM me if you are interested in investing or getting paid to serve in the following areas (yoga, acro-yoga, breathwork, cold plunge, mediation, Genekeys & Human Design, DJ, live music (singing bowls, harmonium, guitar, chanting, etc), massage / reiki, dance & movement, acupuncture & energetic chiropractic, life & love coaches, plant medicine masters & more! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙏💗✨

Hi! I love you!

Gifts are welcome 🙏💗✨

Where ever… ✨✨✨

Remember, you are be you tea full!

You are an infinite being that’s highly aware with access to infinite wisdom.

When you say “I DON’T KNOW”…
It is not that you don’t know…
It is that you are not willing to look at what is at the bottom of what you are dealing with YET
Or even more you are choosing NOT to SEE truth or whatever is at the core yet.

Which one feels more empowering to you?
I am not willing YET
I am choosing not to see it yet

Whenever you are ready, try saying instead
I DO KNOW why this is happening or how to go about this and then PAUSE.

Pause to let the energy move in you.
You will see that you knowingness will open up.

Loving you infinitely
Mazíx Mahalêl
Radiance Co-Founder

Goddess!!! Happy Full moon day! 🌕💃🏼🤸‍♂️

Have you been feeling it?

Another powerful moon transition.

I have been feeling a lot of emotions and energetic currents.

😍A LOT of creation energy, as a matter of fact I spent all the full moon day playing and creating all the upcoming events we have and the launching of our ISNESS😉😘😝

😥There has been also a LOT of clearing as well. Deep inner child wounds that I had no idea existed in me and some density around my energy in offering things to the world as we are building this NEW WORLD ISNESS in the new way.

To me full moon days represent HIGH ENERGY, makes sense, right?
The moon is full of light. And I am, have always been since little, very connected to the moon.

I remember as a young teenager I would stay awake almost all night on my bed looking out the window, moving around my bed, following her as she crossed the sky from one side to the other. 👀

However, the way I go through these times I feel it’s like anything else in my life, I do it my way, really, my SOUL’s way.

So here I come with a question or more an invitation.

Would you LOVE to join me this FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18th around 6pm MST to play with the energy of the FULL MOON and channel your GODDESS SELF, your GODDESS ENERGY, your UNIQUE CODES?

😋If this feels like a delicious YES to you, comment MY WAY and I will share with you privately the link to join me. The investment is $33.

I am inviting you to ride together the energy of this Snow Moon on Leo, the energy of creation, of revelation, of sharing yourself and your new creations of birthing something new and join me this Friday.

Birthing in the new way, not the old painful way, but the joyful, yummy new way.

In this Radiance Goddess Circle we will:
👩🏻‍🦳Tap into the next frequency of our Goddess Self
🦹🏼‍♀️Download a Unique Embodiment Goddess Code
🧝🏻‍♀️Open up and receive one of your unique Creation Codes
🎤Unleash your throat chakra, your center of expression and creation.
🌀Design together the Radiance Goddess Circle.

All I have to say to this: YUM 🤤!!!
I am delighted for those that feel the YES.🙌
One more time, comment MY WAY.

I love you.
MaZíX Mahalêl

Love is like your favorite candy in abundance & it’s freeeee!!!

The Fool 🌈💗✨

It is our own voice that we hear… ❤️❤️❤️

O showing the way… 🙏🙏🌈

Easily offended = easily manipulated.

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