The deliciousness of Life

The deliciousness of Life

Hey, my love!

I have been wanting to share so much so here I am. 

Tonight we will be seeing you for the cuddle party. If you haven’t RSVP make sure to go here:

Now, about this Saturday…

This is the real reason why I am writing this.

The topic has changed. 


I knew that would be the topic a while back and yet I changed it to the Joy of Life.


Because JOY is what we all look for, right?

Or do we?

This is what I discovered yesterday in my own immersion.

Joy is a state of being and also comes as emotion.

There are times that I am incredibly joyful and bubbly and there are other times that I am playful, aroused, happy, emotional, grateful, fearful, sad, concerned, worried, confused, calm, present…etc.

I feel all kinds of emotions on a regular basis especially when I am co-creating life with mushrooms. With that technology my heart opens so big I am an ocean of feelings.

Then I asked myself, if I am on a regular basis feeling all the feelings but specially the super yummy ones, why are we focusing on this experience in one feeling/state of being.

It didn’t make sense.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on the riverbank, the container that carries it all?


And then I saw my life, the different things I live and experience, my journey, and then I saw the energy of this Saturday’s experience and it became crystal clarity. 

Life is delicious, regardless of the ups and downs or regardless of the emotions I am feeling. When I come back to life it is delicious, there is a depth and expansion to what I am experiencing, I enjoy more, I am more present and grateful, I am happier, I am more playful, life is orgasmic.

And this is the thing, when you set a foundation within around deliciousness, when you know and you embody deliciousness, when you allow yourself to feel it fully in all of your beingness, when you give yourself permission to step into that path and feel it in you, then life becomes just that… or perhaps you discover what it has always been there all along?

Life is delicious even when you feel sad or are confused. 

How? Because you realize that you are alive when you feel! You are a Divine Human experiencing something yummy from the menu of life!

Now, imagine yourself feeling sad – without a story -, just feeling the emotion of sadness, and then you remember life is delicious… try it… what happens? – I am curious to learn what happens for you – and what I have experienced is my vibration changes and I feel more deeply and then I come back to enjoyment rather quickly, my energy shifts to playfulness or yummines, or orgasmic, or happiness.

The coolest thing is when you focus on deliciousness, deliciousness becomes like the broth of the soup, and you get to add whatever other state you choose to. You can be joyful, or you can be bubbly, or you can be calm, or you can be pensive… you get to be and feel whatever you choose in that moment effortlessly, you don’t have to think about feeling or being joy, or happy, you just are. 

So for this Saturday experience… I am called to play with those that join the DELICIOUSNESS OF LIFE. 

Oz and I will be co-creating with you in the energy of deliciousness through yummy play and embodiment.

We are delighted!

One more thing, we forgot to mention when the cutoff is to sign up via Eventbrite. You can sign up until Saturday morning AS LONG as there are spots available. Now as you can tell, as you read this, this either landed it for you or it didn’t. 

If it landed, if you read deliciousness and yummy, and playful and joyful, and your whole body and beingness was YES I definitely want more of that, I want to feel like that across all my moments, actions, relationships and creations then you know you want to join this Saturday, then I would highly recommend you to give yourself the time and space to sign up ahead of time because for most people, doing things last minute brings stress as opposed to deliciousness. 

The point is, as you choose to hop on the wagon of having a delicious life, start to move in that direction with every single decision you take.

I love you.

We love you.

Sign up here for this Saturday experience. We start at 10am and go for 11hrs.